Tin Can Cigar Company

March 20, 2023

Project Info

This project is a testament to why I do what I do. Despite not being a cigar enthusiast myself, I appreciate the uniqueness that this company brings to the area. They are a specialty smoke shop with a focus on cigars, providing a subscription service to their modern cigar lounge. Behind the shop, they have a lounge area created from an airstream trailer, which has been meticulously decorated and furnished by one of the owners, Sean. The cupboards are stocked with cigars, and the woodwork, decor, and moody orange lighting create a masculine yet inviting atmosphere. The contagious passion and enthusiasm displayed by the owners is reflected in the intriguing business they have built.

I was super excited to capture photos for their social media, their business is a perfect example of a company that has grown by utilizing their online presence to connect passionate enthusiasts with this equally passionate business.

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